Updates Resulting from COVID-19 (Updated 17th June 2020)


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Q: Which events were cancelled?

All events scheduled between 16th March and 29th May 2020 were cancelled. This is in response to government directive regarding event restrictions, and the likelehood that these would be in place for a large part of this year. Please see the alternative below. 

Q: We were registered for a conference, what do we do next?

  • All registered teachers were initially emailed between March 23-27 to explain the situation in detail.
  • Those who didn't reply have since been emailed a second time in April/May as a follow-up.
  • If you didn't receive this email please check your junkmail folder, or clarify which teacher's email address was given to us at the time of registration. Please email admin@gripleadership.com.au if you have not received the emails and we will send you copies.

In preparation for the likelihood that the government would instruct us to cancel the events, our team has been working on a high-quality alternative. This is a comprehensive online solution, outlined below.

Q: Can we speak to the GRIP office about this situation?

Email contact will help us to respond sooner and with more accuracy.  We kindly ask that you refrain from phone contact and instead email us at admin@gripleadership.com.au

Q: What is the online solution?

Our team worked hard to create an alternative option so that your students can benefit from a high-quality experience like you (and we) had intended. Instead of rescheduling the event, we are following the recommendation of the government, and the encouragement of many schools by, providing an online alternative.

The alternative actually includes 4 components for you:

  • An ONLINE VERSION of the GRIP STUDENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is now ready and available to you. This is part of an ‘on-demand’ platform so that your students can engage as a group, or individually, at any time or any place.
  • We have made an arrangement with HALOGEN AUSTRALIA who run a different event in Australia called the NATIONAL YOUNG LEADERS DAY. An online version of this additional event is now available to you as well, to give your students an additional experience.
  • We understand that the authorities are encouraging schools to provide ONLINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS for students to engage with. Whilst we are not equipped to assist with core subject areas, we have created an online platform with over 300 HOURS of videos, activities and online workbooks for students to engage with. More than 50 topics relate to both leadership and character development including; goal setting, resilience, public speaking skills, teamwork, service, overcoming obstacles, integrity.
  • All of the conference sessions, and the entire online learning platform, is setup so that you can provide access to AS MANY STUDENTS AS YOU WISH and not simply limit this to the students that you originally intended to attend the live conference. Your entire school can benefit.  

To be clear, you do not need to choose between the material above. You can access everything, without limits, until the end of 2020.

We invite you to browse the new online portal to get a taste of what is included: www.studentleadershipportal.com

It is our genuine desire to provide a solution that suits the current landscape. An additional reality is that if schools seek a refund for the registration amount (or outstanding balance cancellation), then our organisation will almost certainly close down permanently. We hope, instead, to be able to serve your whole school with quality online material this year, and then resume with normal live conferences in future years.

Please allow us to explain the value that we are trying to incorporate into this online solution. If, for example, a school had chosen to register 30 students for the GRIP conference the ticket cost would be approximitely $1350, and for 30 students attending the National Young Leaders Day approximately $1500. The cost in which we would normally sell classroom resources would be a few hundred dollars extra. The total of these activities (in this fictional scenario) would be in excess of $3000 plus the extra costs involved in the excursions, and the benefit would still be limited to just the 30 students.

It is our hope that you will see immense value, at a necessary time, in accessing the solution that we are offering for your whole school, as a replacement for what you had already paid to attend an event.

Q: How do we access the comprehensive online solution?

If you had registered for a live conference, our office can issue you an access code to login to www.studentleadershipportal.com PLEASE REQUEST THIS VIA admin@gripleadership.com.au 

Q: When will the next live GRIP conference be held?

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