Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is GRIP Leadership religious or political in any way?
No, GRIP Leadership is independently constituted and promotes leadership values that are transcendent of religion, race, culture, and political persuasion.

How do I become a volunteer with GRIP Leadership?
The Grip Leadership team runs conferences and seminars around Australia each year and is continually looking for enthusiastic young adults to be a part of the team. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for a week or two each year to help develop school leaders please email

As a volunteer on the team and you will:

  • Develop your public speaking skills
  • Obtain valuable work experience to help later in life
  • Make an impact on the lives of primary and secondary school student leaders 


Why can't I find my school name when completing the 'My Details' page of my
registration?You may have entered the name of your school too quickly.  Please try and enter the school name slowly as the field begins to autopopulate. 

Should the 'School' field still not bring up your school name, send through an email to and we will be more than happy to help you register for the conference of your choice.

Do I need paper tickets?
No, paper tickets are not given or required. 

Confirmation of your registration is emailed to our team as well as the registrant when registering for the conference.  

On the day of the conference staff/adults and students will be directed to the registration table near the entrance of the conference room upon arrival to “check-in” attendees.

Is there a limit/minimum to the amount of students I can bring?
There is no limit or minimum number of students per school that are able to attend the conference. We are only limited by the total number of students that the venue can hold. There may be times where schools will be placed on a waiting list when limitations at the conference venue have been reached (should this occur, this information will be updated on our website).  

What does it mean when I am placed on a waiting list?  How long will I need to wait until I receive confirmation?
Being placed on a waiting list means that the conference you have tried to register for is SOLD OUT and reached the venue capacity.  

If sufficient places become available at the chosen conference location (this normally occurs closer to the event), you will be contacted as soon as possible by our registration staff that will then offer you the places available and process your registration for you.

Do I need to provide the names of the students and staff attending the conference?
We DO NOT require names of students or staff attending the conference.  

How do I increase the number of students or staff that are attending the conference?
To increase the number of students or staff/adults attending the conference you have registered for, please go to our registration page and purchase the additional tickets required.  Our system will add the extra tickets to the already purchased places at the conference you are attending.

Generally these changes can be made, however an increase in student or staff/adults numbers are limited to venue capacity.  If the venue is already sold out, the additional students or staff will be placed on a waiting list.

Should there be additional students that attend the conference day without prior knowledge given, an invoice will be sent through to the school for payment.

If there are any further questions you might have about registering additional attendees at the conference you are registering for, please email

How do I decrease the number of students or staff that is attending the conference?
To decrease the number of students or staff/adults attending the conference registered for please email our registrations staff –

Reductions to the number of students and staff/adults attending will gladly be permitted up to 14-days prior to the event, but not after this time.  If you cancel within the 14-days prior to the confernece commencing or do not attend the conference, FULL PAYMENT IS STILL required and will be followed up from our accounts team.

How do I change the conference location I am registered for?
To make changes to a conference location related to your registration please email our registrations staff –

Generally these changes can be made, however, if the venue at the conference location you wish to change to is already SOLD OUT, the students or staff will be placed on a waiting list.

Some of the students or staff/adults I originally registered at my conference location cannot come on the day.  Will I still be charged for these students or staff if known within the 14 days of the conference commencing?
If students or staff/adults cannot attend on the day of the conference due to being ill or clash of events, please contact our registration staff -

Within 14 days of the conference commencing, no refunds or credits can be given.  You will be required to make payment for your entire registration invoice, regardless of the lack of attendance on the day of the conference.  Unfortunately, places cannot be carried over to future conferences.


How do I locate the conference room at the venue?
For most locations, finding the conference room will be simple and it will be well signposted on the day.  However, if your 'final details letter' mentions a map, you can download this from the conference section of this website.

Click here for Primary Conferences
Click here for Secondary Conferences

What are the start and finish times for the day?
PRIMARY CONFERENCES commence 9:15am (doors open at 8:45am).
Click here to view the entire Primary Program

SECONDARY CONFERENCES commence at 9:00am (doors open at 8:30am).
Click here to view the entire Secondary Program

Is catering provided for staff and students?
STUDENTS: Catering is not provided in the registration cost for students.  Students are advised to bring a packed morning tea and lunch.  Purchasing food and drinks may be difficult as breaks will be short to maximise input time.  Some venues contain onsite food outlets, which are normally expensive, and some venues do have outlets close by. 

STAFF/ADULTS: Some teachers will recall that morning tea was supplied for adults in past years. At the time of organising our upcoming conferences, a significant number of venues have advised us that Covid-19 restrictions prevent them from offering morning tea platters, self-service tea and coffee etc. Therefore, we have reduced the ticket price per adult in acknowledgement that it’s not possible for morning tea to be provided.

Do the students need to wear school uniform?
The standard of dress for students at this conference is entirely up to the decision of the school. However, we normally find that the great majority of students attend in normal school uniform.

Do students need to bring notebooks or pens with them?
Students will be provided with a conference booklet ONLY. All conference attendees are required to BRING A PEN with them to take notes throughout the day.  Some schools have brought clipboards to lean on, however it is not essential.

Does the Coolangatta / Tweed Heads conference run according to QLD or NSW time?
The Coolangatta/Tweed Heads conference runs according to QLD time. 

At the Secondary Conference, do the students need to select their elective sessions prior to the conference?
No, this will be done on the day of the conference.  All information required will be communicated at the conference.

Will there be parking at the conference venue?
Please refer to your Final Details Letter that was emailed to you upon registration.  This information can also be located online (please click on the appropriate school category). 
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