Our Internship

One Year That Changes Your Life... and 25,000 Other Lives!

Have you finished school in the last few years and are now wanting to be a part of something BIG? If you are enthusiastic about leadership and want a unique way to develop your own skills, the GRIP Leadership Intership could be for you.

Over twelve months you will:

  • Travel to towns and cities all over Australia to help run the GRIP Student Leadership Conference for over 25,000 school students. Along the the way you'll see amazing sights and meet amazing people.
  • Gain valuable administration and business skills by working with our experienced office team and event organisers.
  • Develop your own leadership skills as you are trained on how to present world class leadership training to school students.
  • Develop other skills you may have within a professional setting. This may include creative design, video production, marketing, acting etc.

Some people might look at this internship as a gap year... others will look at it as a travel year... and others will recognise this as the most valuable life education that you could ever receive in a year.

The opportunity to apply for this internship is open to anyone who is drawn
to promoting the core values of GRIP Leadership.

To find out more contact Andrew Strong, Managing Director, at the GRIP Leadership office. CLICK HERE for contact details.