2024 Primary Program

THEME: Step Forward

All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games, and entertainment. Below are the Topics ONLY. Watch our videos to get a taste of how interactive these topics become.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired. 


8.45am Doors Open
9.15am SESSION 1


Topic 1: How Everybody Can Step Forward and Lead

Too often people sit back and ‘go with the flow’ or ‘leave things to others’. Schools need leaders who are willing to take action, and any student can be this person.  Stepping forward to lead involves contributing personal talents, helping when there is a need, trying new things, and befriending others. These ‘steps forward’ are unpacked in the session with a series of games and activities, including the sharing of ideas between schools.


First Break




Topic 2: The Sacrifices of a Student Leader

Stepping forward to lead usually involves making a sacrifice. This topic will explore three of the main sacrifices that a student leader often needs to make, using roleplay, stories, discussion, and games. These sacrifices include sacrificing what others might think of me, not putting my own needs first and never expecting something in return.

Topic 3: Stepping Forward with New Ideas

If students are going to put time and effort towards new ideas, it is important that these ideas help the school in a meaningful way. This practical workshop will showcase dozens of impressive ideas that students have implemented at other schools, which are also realistic and meaningful. Activities during this workshop will enable students to have discussions with other schools, to share experiences and generate new ideas together.


Second Break




Topic 4: The Extra Steps- Doing the Things that Leaders Often Forget

Many student leaders take the first step and get started on things, but it never really goes anywhere. This topic highlights four of the extra steps that often get forgotten or ignored, and we will explore lots of practical tips to give students the tools to properly move forward and have a lasting impact at their school.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team



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