2023 Primary Program

THEME: We Lead Everybody

All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games, and entertainment. Below are the Topics ONLY. Watch our videos to get a taste of how interactive these topics become.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired. 


8.45am Doors Open for All Schools
9.15am SESSION 1


Topic 1: How to Be an ‘Others First’ Leader

It can be natural to think of ‘self’ first, but leaders need to shift their thinking to ‘others’ first. This topic unpacks four practical ways that students can prioritise others. These are known as the ‘H tips’ and are: hearing other’s opinions, helping with the little things, fostering happiness, and demonstrating humility. These H tips are taught using a series of games and activities, including the sharing of ideas between schools.


Morning Tea




Topic 2: The People a Leader Can Impact the Most

Student leaders usually want to have a positive impact, but often sit back and wait for others to approach them for assistance. Using roleplay, stories, discussion and games, this topic will look at how student leaders can gain momentum by focusing first on three key categories where they will have an immediate impact. These are: people who already look up to you, people left out by others, and people who are like minded.

Topic 3: Ideas that Impact Everybody

If students are going to put time and effort into launching new ideas, it is best to choose ideas that impact everybody. This practical workshop will showcase dozens of impressive ideas that students have implemented at other schools, which are also realistic and meaningful. Activities during this workshop will enable students to have discussions with other schools, to share experiences and generate new ideas together.


Lunch Break




Topic 4: How to Get Everybody on Board With a New Idea

Having a new idea is exciting but bringing it to life can be a challenge. The first challenge is getting permission to go ahead, and the next challenge is getting your peers to respond the way that you hope they do. During this practical session we will explore lots of practical tips to give your idea the best chance of success.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team



GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.