Secondary Program (Oct 2023 - May 2024)

THEME: Step Forward

All plenary sessions and electives include presentations, activities, discussions, and leadership games.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.



Doors Open




Plenary Session: Being a Student Leadership Team that Takes Steps Forward

Too often people sit back and ‘go with the flow’ or ‘leave things to others’. Schools need leaders who are willing to take action, even when it’s hard. Stepping forward involves identifying good things at the school that could be done even better, taking action with things that need to be fixed, and leading new things that haven’t been done before. A school will always be the same unless student leaders take up these challenges and step forward. Using dozens of examples from other schools, students will be assisted in this session to develop their own plan for taking genuine steps forward. 


First Break


Morning Tea Optional Session: Making Meetings More Effective

Many student leaders are involved in running meetings on a regular basis. The effectiveness of these meetings can be one of the main things that influences whether a team takes steps forward. This short session will give practical strategies and ideas to make student meetings both enjoyable and productive.




Plenary Session: The Sacrifices of a Student Leader

Stepping forward to lead usually involves making a sacrifice. This topic will look at three of the main sacrifices that a student leader often needs to make. This includes sacrificing what others might think of me, not putting my own needs first and never expecting something in return. By sharing success stories from other schools, this session helps students to see these sacrifices as positive steps forward.


Electives #1 (choose 1) 

Option 1: How to Make Our Events Really Matter

If student leaders are going to put time and effort into organising school events then it’s important that these events really feel like they matter. This applies to fun events, serious events, every event! This workshop unpacks three practical strategies that will help every student feel like school events matter, leading to greater participation and enthusiasm from everybody.

Option 2: How to Lead When It Feels Like Nobody Wants to Follow

It can be very disheartening for leaders when it feels like everybody is ignoring the direction that leaders are trying to set. This workshop gives four positive strategies which will help get more support for an individual leader, a whole team, or a new idea. It’s a serious topic, but as a workshop this is lots of fun.


Second Break




Electives #2 (choose 1)

Option 3: How to Make Improvements to Our School Culture

Is there something about your school that you would like to improve, but it feels like it’s always been an ongoing challenge? During this workshop students will choose something about their own school culture they would like to change and be guided through five steps that will help make improvements.

Option 4: How I Can Improve My Own Leadership Effectiveness

No student leader is perfect, but the tips in this workshop will help every student to make the most of their leadership opportunity. This workshop teaches students four tools that can be used every day to improve personal leadership qualities, but also to have maximum impact during the time in a leadership role.


Q&A with GRIP Leadership Team and Final Review



GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.